Monday, January 11, 2010

The Possibilities of 2010

So, do you say Twenty-Ten or do you say Two thousand and ten? Me? I say Twenty-Ten because it sounds all Sci-Fi and such. I expect my personal rocket pack and ray gun any day now. My application to live on Mars is in the mail.

I feel cheated.

When I was 12, all this cool stuff was to happen by 2010. Oh the possibilities we knew! We were sure that man would never leave the surface of the Moon and that the outer planets would be the frontier of our middle ages. Though we did get some cool Sci-Fi predictions, and some of them better than we had imagined (internet, laptops, PDAs, DVDs and digital cameras), the "future" has been mostly a disappointment. Why? not because of what IS but because of what COULD HAVE BEEN and is not.

It is the way I feel about 2009. I had great plans for 2009. Really, grand plans. There were plans to video some events going on in missions in Taiwan to send back home; plans to build up the campus presence of our Bible studies; and plans to make our presence even more known among the locals...
...all pushed out of the way for kidney stones. No kidding. A year of hospital visits and doctor shopping, a year of constant flank pain and frustration. Amazing how selfish and inward looking we become when there is pain involved. An 8cm rock in my side pushed away ALL my plans for a full year.

The dreams of 2010 to my 12 year old eyes may have been pushed away by the economy or by the wrong guy in office or by the apathy of the people... but that does not mean the people wont be sipping around in jet packs and shooting ray guns in my lifetime!

A rock in my side may have pushed away the plans of 2009... but that does not mean that 2010 is a wash! I can't wait to see what happens. Perhaps God's schedule is right on time.


Anonymous said...

no whining. is the stone gone now. you missed the 02 odyssey how can you get the 2010 excitement. praying for you both and the work there. hang in there. Hugs

Doug Ball

The Haggard said...

Hey there old grizzly!
Yes, the stones are gone... well... there is some dust left that is still passing. But now that I am all used to itI can pass small stones with little effort.

Thanks for your prayers! See you in August.