Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last English Class in YenZhou

I have been teaching the Bible in English at a church in YenZho. Its a little village next to the fishing town of Donggang. It is famous as the poorest village in all of Taiwan. The church there is great and the Pastor, Abraham, is a joy to work with. This year I am ending my classes there after two years teaching. I need to focus on my master's degree and there is a new missionary actually living in that area who will take over the class for me. This year's party at the end of class was extra special because one of the students owned a bakery!

I will miss this gang.  But I am sure I will see them.  Pastor Abraham is one of Sandy's students at college and I promised that I would come visit sometimes next term.
-The Haggard

Taiwan Tea Time Podcast News

Well... not getting too much feedback on the podcast... and as my big trip to the USA is coming - I MAY change the format of the podcast ALL TOGETHER. It may become more about me teaching theological idea that are relevant to Taiwan Evangelism and only occasionally have conversations from Taiwan people. We shall see. The next podcast in the original format IS coming soon.

The Haggard

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Solution is the Problem

"These people were just disrupting society. ... The government will solve their problems."
-Zao Ming, official from The People's Republic of China
Commenting on police removal of grieving parents forcibly
removed from public land for protesting the government's
use of substandard construction materials in schools,
discovered after the death of their children in the 2008

Exactly, how will the government solve the problem of a child dying because of government corruption?
$144 per year per child to each family who lost a child in the earthquake. Parents who lost children have first dips on adoption and may apply with the government to wave the one child per family law on this occasion.

Death toll to date: 69,107

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