Monday, December 14, 2009

Stewart the Wonder Dog

I have a new Dog! He is Stewart the Wonder Dog! He is a young Shiba Inu pup. He was rescued off the streets of Kaohsiung by a volunteer group called BARK. He was furless from scabees and nearly deaf from ear parasites. Now he is healthy, wealthy and wise and living in my house. In just a few days we were the best of friends and he is my shadow in all endeavors. Even the clerks and the local 7-11 know his name and welcome him into the store. The local computer shop even lets him into their store and they "baby sit" him while I shop. There is a lot of love in a dog... and there is even more in a rescued dog. He was clearly someone's dog at some point because he knew things about house living and riding a motorcycle (which he cannot get enough of). But he was homeless for a long time. Many people will get a puppy because they are cute, but after a year, they lose interest and will just turn them out into the streets. Shibas are known as wanderers so Stew wandered off and got lost for at least 6 months to a year judging from his illnesses. Go out an rescue your own homeless dog or cat today! Get them cared for and spay or neutered. Show them that they have a home and that they are loved... and they will return that love 100s of times over. They may just make you into a happier and more merry person as well!


Elaine said...

Brought home a rescue Poodle 8 days ago. She is currently wrestling with our rescue Shepherd mix on the floor beside my chair.

Norman, Oklahoma

The Haggard said...

Awesome, Elaine! Good for you! Poodles are considered the smartest dog of the breeds, but I would choose a German Shepherd any day for their smarts, loyalty and love. But those poodles are indeed smart. Almost too smart for their own good... like my Shiba Inu.