Thursday, August 06, 2009

They Shall Know We are Christians by Our...

There are few things in the life of a Christian that show the change, that comes from God alone, than in the way they give. Christians should be givers. Christ set the example; he gave his life for us. Not only that, he gave up comfort and safety to live among the dangerous lives of men... and often with the unlovable. He gave up not just life, but living abundantly, so that we might live without fear of judgement. Too bad that so much of the Christian world is not willing to give, to lose their lives for others, to give up their comfort, or to abandon judgement so that others might live.

Giving is the sign of the Change Life in Christ.

We have a student that became a Christian recently. This student is now out of college and living in the "real" world. The job this student took pays about $6 (US dollars) an hour. It was the best offer given in the job hunt. After a year of bible studies and a serious discipleship, this student is out of daily contact with the Church that was home.

Today I went to the post office to check the mail and there was one envelope. Inside was a thick fold of paper hiding about $50 (US funds again), and a note that said, roughly; There is no better way to share what God has given than to give back to those who helped the student to find God in the first place. Please use this for the summer mission team coming next month.

We had rarely talked to this student about giving other than when it came up in bible reading. So much of the Christian world has to be told, begged, to give. But the changed heart that has recognized what Christ has done desires to give. That old saw of the Tithe, the %10 giving of your income, is often used to beat people into guilt, "You don't give enough." In reality, God set the %10 as a limit! Those with his heart want to give it all away, but they should stop at %10 so they don't go broke themselves!

Our student received the first paycheck of post-college labor... and immediately felt the need to give. At once obeyed the call of God on the heart. This was done alone, without pressure, without guilt or request... all in love.

Oh! For a church of 100 of these givers. They would change Taiwan. They would change the world.

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