Thursday, August 28, 2008

I USED To Love Flying

I remember when I was 18 or 20 years old and I would take trips across country by air. I loved it, I looked forward to every trip. My love of flying started with a trip to Hawaii when I was 5. It was magical. I found every excuse I could from then on to travel by air. A trip to India for college at 21 made my love full. No, really! The feelings and sensation of flight energized me... And they still do. But that love of flying, though still strong, is now hurt and nearly broken by the fooliishness and irrationality that is the air transportation industry. The safety and security culture of the modern airport is nothing more than a C.Y.A. measure that demoralizes passengers, stresses everyone, and delays the entire traveling process. A determined hijacker would laugh at what goes on. The entire prosses is like the patter of a magician on stage trying to distract you: the hijacker has so much to hide behind now that EVERYONE is distracted by the stress and ritual of the security screening. And still we are no safer. And now we are more cowed and afraid. And now we are more exhausted by travel. The goal of terrorism is to disrupt and cause fear as energy is wasted on useless and costly security measures that force a government to control is own citizens as potential criminals... So... The terrorists have won!

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H3O2F1K15278T5P9B2 said...

So true, so true! I used to love flying too. Now, the excitement and anticipation has been replaced with regret and loathing. The added measures of so-called 'security' have only added to the already lousy airline experience.