Monday, May 26, 2008

Podcast #2 Posted

Taiwan Tea Time number 2 has posted. Go here for the feed to download or subscribe:

This episode of the Tea Time is all about Taiwanese feelings about the Taiwan Government sending aid to China in the wake of the devastating earthquakes.

UPDATE: If you are downloading the file directly rather than subscribing to it, you may find that it came as an MP3... and that will not work! Rename the end to M4A and it will work. -M


Naruwan said...

Is the file corrupted? Can't get it to open in iTunes. I downloaded twice with same problem both times. ah well !

The Haggard said...

No... the file works just fine. However, if you are downloading it directly, you may need to rename it. If it says MP3 on the end, that is wrong. It should end in .m4a - sometimes a download tags MP3 on the end when it should not.

Try that and let me know :)

-The Haggard

Naruwan said...

Nope, didn't work. I've changed the name but the file type still shows as MPEG Layer 3. I download a lot of podcasts and 99.9% of them are mp3s. The rare few that aren't open just fine. Maybe I'm just unlucky with this one!

The Haggard said...

I just did it again. The files comes to me named:
All I need do is remove the .MP3 at the end, not add anything and then it works just fine.
Sorry you are having trouble. But the system is working for others. Perhaps if you tried to simply play it in the browser window it would work. That also worked for me just fine.


Naruwan said...

Working now! I tried downloading again and this time it came down the tubes as an .m4a file and I was able to open it. Tks!

The Haggard said...

Good - I am glad... was getting worried :)