Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Vacation Photos

Here are a few more vacation photos. (Really, I am trying out some new Blogging software) View the entire photo by saving the image to your own computer. -M

Here is a Marble Canyon at Toroko

And here is a Pavilion and covered bridge at Toroko

And here is my new friend from Heualien’s Ocean Park... for a few more dollars I could have swam with him, but it was too cold... You KNOW I am going back!


Anonymous said...

michael, how can i email you, i don't have your address... mom schaffner, a blast from the past

i don't want to post my email for the whole world to see, (as they no doubt all want to see what you are up to)

The Haggard said...

Hi Mom! Sure, write! Here I am!