Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well, it's about time I did...

Computers and me get along.  Always have... most likely always will.

I got my first Atari 400 in 1982.  Kicking and screaming I was drug into owning my first WINDOWS computer in 1990 after owning every Atari model made.  Now I am a Macintosh man without ashamedness. 

Computers are my art.  I design 3d sculpture on the computer and build it from the plans.  I write on my computer; novels, stories, letters, lessons, sermons.  I store my photos, my books, my albums... everything in computers.

As a young pastor and bible college student in the early 80s I butt head with colleges over using computer in my dorm room and turning in dot matrix printed assignments.  Now those school require computers in the dorm and turn in pages over internet.  

As a pastor of 22 years I filed, researched, wrote, and more on computers when church brethren and cistern though the computer was of the devil or worse.

So why in the world haven't I been BLOGGING?

Not sure.  But now I am.

Who am I?

Besides the obvious "nut-case" moniker I often wear, I am a thinking Christian.  I am philosophical missionary.  I am a libertarian speaker.  I am passionate listener.  I am a wild eyed prophet.

After 22 years of ministry and 14 years of marriage, I move my wife and me to Taiwan to be missionaries to the Lost of Taiwan.  I do not work in a church or a mission.  We are english teachers.  She in a college and me in a kindergarten.  We tell people about Jesus.  We tell them about liberation from sin and fear.  We see lives changed.

After many decades as a freedom loving American, as a libertarian thinker and speaker, as a gun enthusiast... I now live in a land that does not value those things because they do not have the historical baggage that brought me to that way of thinking and that world view.  

Seeing things from this side of the ocean and this side of the culture, there are many things about Church and Politics that I want to talk about.  I have changed.  Perhaps more wild and nutty than before.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps something else.

So now I am here to blog.

There is NO predicting what I will write on or at what length a subject will be dealt with.  I just need to vent.

So, nothing here on this first message other than introductions and howdies.  Come back and see what happens.

-The Haggard

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